Friday, February 21, 2014

"Of Trails....."

Hiking trails, canyon trails, forest trails.
Trails of water, windy trails, trails of stone.
Trails to summits, trails we share, some trails alone.
Unknown trails, then trails of memories, all going home...

Distant trails, trails without, quite elusive paths.
Trails we see, some we feel, all we know.
Rocky trails, trails of mystery, endless journeys.
Trails of awe, trails within, always calling...

Sunset trails, trails of mist, such hidden veils.
Trails of trial, then of laughter, all for smiles.
Forever trails, trails up high, so very far.
Trails of meaning, trails of spirit, all they are..... DSD 


Barry said...

Thank you for sharing and the acknowledgment, D. Happy trails.

Dsd Stones said...

Happy trails as well Barry. Always my honour to share even a little of them with good friends.