Friday, February 07, 2014

"Stones In Oz..."

Last fall, amidst some challenging trails, I was contacted by Shawna M., an Outward Bound Instructor who was to be embarking upon a journey within 'Oz'. Now Australia is often referred to, by those who affectionately embrace its wild nature, as 'Oz'.
A moniker I have always appreciated for its references about magical places.
Shawna was to lead a group of youth upon an adventure experience there. In our discussions she asked about the possibility of having some Summit Stones & Adventure Muses for these young wanderers. I was honoured by the request.
Then humbled as I learned how they were passed forward and enjoyed:
"The students really appreciated the stones and the journey they made to receive them as well as how far the stones had come and the adventures that have already been worked into the stones. I gave them to the students at the top of the highest peak in Australia Mt. Kosciusko. Less of the actual physical climb at that point but a symbol to end their journey. I didn't get a shot of them with their stones but enjoying the sunset we had in front of us on the night they received them. Thank you so very much again. I know it will be something very special for them to remember the trip by. We used my adventure muse quote book all trip and they loved being able to have all the quotes to take home with them as well. Thank you again. I am so grateful for the lengths you have gone to so we could have some amazing little morsels to help symbolise such a journey for these young men."
So, on a journey in a place of magic, awe, and wonder - some smiles were passed forward in the spirit of possibility. Yet once more, again and again, more within was discovered by those who endured and far wandered..... DSD 

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