Sunday, April 27, 2014

"Before There Was A Trail..."

Our shared wilderness history is truly an amazing thing.
When we become a little part of such history, that is so much fun too.
Well before, the many who now wander the almost endless series of valleys near here, there really were no established trails out there at all.
Long before, those who also adventure there to climb the mountains which embrace these valleys, there were no distinct paths to follow.
Prior to the newer summit cairns now found up among those high places, and before some impressions in the scree were worn, we all had to truly route find our very own way up there.
Much then, like the lines too on our faces, from enduring sun and wind burned experiences, this favourite area on the map has developed another kind of quiet character.
Sure there is a small trace now of the years and almost countless adventure days passing, from the many adventurers wanderings.
But not an intrusive one at all...
Having been out there for long seasons before there were many real routes or discernible trails, and then finding them now, simply feels fine.
We wanderers are very respectful of this important balance.
So then we can all say, and feel, that before there was any kind of trail, it simply was.
And still is.
For almost every other single meter of wild places among those endless valleys and mountains..... DSD 

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