Sunday, April 20, 2014

"I've Been Saving This One..."

There are so many skill and training strategies we apply, many more approaches we employ, and as many ways we each then play out there - to keep our enthusiasms brightly afire, and our energies full aflame.
That adventure day, I realized this once again, just as my sea kayak was gliding through those last challenging waves. Then gently up onto the sands of this very distant, elusive, tiny coastal island.
"I've been saving this one", was what I reminded myself. Then chuckled out loud about how many different meanings this had, and the even more times I've pondered over this musing.
An elder Mountain Guide and close friend used to talk about doing exactly this. He would often discover a hidden away summit that intensely captured his interests in unique ways. Over what seemed lengthy periods of time, he would gather up details, stories, bits and pieces from others memories about this mountain, which were all now slowly taking shape in his mind.
He would really savour these experiences, then chat endlessly about the possibilities of what was yet to be. All long before he had even set foot near his chosen peak.
It seemed to me that this whole engaging, inspiring process was a truly wonderful adventure within itself.
A little gift for ourselves...
One that reminds us about dreaming, envisioning, intentions, and cherished planning and anticipations.
Such were the ponderings that wandered through my mind as I sat still in those moments, content in my kayak.
Simply being rocked in the present by the slowly ebbing tide.
This one I had been saving. It was a gift to myself for some patience, among other kinds of extra efforts and persistence. It didn't matter about the long preparation and was not really about any extra expectations.
This one was special.
It had been saved to be truly savoured, amidst even more further blending within all of the wild elements so far out there.
Gentle anticipations, deep enjoyment, awe, and wonder.
Such beautiful returns on all of our shared savings, isn't it so my Friends..... DSD

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