Sunday, April 06, 2014

"Of Little Candles..."

What lasting illuminations these provide us, those little candles we often pack out there...
Most of us usually also take other sources for finding one's way and being able to look ahead while we wander. The power and usefulness of the newer style headlamps is amazing, yet I find I am never without a little enlightening candle as well.
I've even saved many of the stubs from our candle lanterns, as these left over bits of luminary hold more than remaining light within them.
Many years ago on Outward Bound, I was given a tiny candle. Just a half of one in a ditty bag, with some matches too. The light from this helped me to see to things at the end of our very long days. It invited me to watch the flickering and then ponder why we did what we had done through our Outward Bound adventure experiences. Especially why they were purposeful, and how they provided revelations about the fun and laughter amidst all the inherent trials  and challenges.
I still have that special little stub of a candle.
Knowing it is there makes the memories brighter, helps me to envision the light of horizons yet journeyed towards, and to foresee the possibility of even further adventures.
Candles are also comforting. Like a little glimmering fire we carry with us, providing company and also warmth over so many seasons.
Little candles remind us to be mindful as well. They provide us with a means to focus and meditate too upon our wild experiences, if we enjoy such rituals and traditions.
Tiny candles are not just useful objects for us. They help us dispel the shadows, see our way, find our place out there. They show us how to look ahead. Then how to understand and interpret things.
They are an enduring torch. A means for discovery and imagination.
Then, after so many long seasons of wandering, perceiving, and seeing, our little candles become a very special way of recalling so many wonderful forever memories as well..... DSD

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