Friday, April 17, 2015

"Laurie's Journey....."

Laurie Normandeau has been a volunteer climber for the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center since 2004 and is climbing the highest mountain on each continent for the purpose of raising money for Breast Cancer Research and to honor and give hope to those diagnosed with and battling cancer.
Laurie's "Power Of Seven Project"
Her "Power Of Seven YouTube"
Recently as part of her "Good Karma Trek", Laurie shared a small smile up at Everest Base Camp, with a little Summit Stone.
She wrote: "A special stone journeys to Everest Base Camp. Some may say that a stone is no more than that but, when it has been touched by human hands that have dreams, it becomes elevated to a the status of object with purpose. This stone, hand-painted and sent from Canada to Colorado, traveled across the world and was carried by pocket to a sacred destination, Everest Base Camp. Bringing color and beauty to a wintery, white canvas, it will forever be...more than a stone. It will be the stone that dared to venture. Thanks, Dsd Stones"
I was truly humbled by this and continue to be very inspired by all of Laurie's efforts.....  DSD 

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