Sunday, July 12, 2015

"A Mixing In Of Rainbows..."

This has become such a unique adventure in itself over these long years...
There have been so many wild places I have gathered up these little polished cobbles. So many techniques learned among endless lessons, to then splash a bit of paint upon them, in a Naive Artistic way, to try and make them into touchstones of sorts.
Now these last many years I have found myself chasing rainbows too, and smiling as I realize that, and then trying to sense how to 'mix in' those wonderful experiences into these Summit Stones created afterwards.
Discovering the endless kinds of rainbows out there is a very special part of our adventure experiences. One that often marks powerful moments, emotions, and meanings.
Rainbows are a unique combination of the elements in their composition, structure, color, and how long they endure.
There are many tales and legends about the meanings to be found among such natural artistry. Then even more mystery may be revealed within them too, we all sense at certain times within our wanderings.
Over many seasons I have gathered up selected stones, water, crystals, sand, and other elemental substances, found at the 'end of a rainbow'.
Many times after a storm out among distant coastal islands, as the rain came and went ,creating one beach rainbow after another.
Also when hiking to an endless number of hidden waterfalls, with the countless rainbows found within their mists, created in the early mornings there.
Then too on many elusive summit experiences, among the comings and goings of unsettled weather, where double rainbows appear, which illuminated the rocks up there with the shifting and changing of the colors and light.
All of which now has been 'mixed in' as best I can, so hopefully you can feel it too, in the little Summit Stone now in your hand Dear Friends..... DSD 

Dedicated to all of the past Teams, for Sandy & Sue, and for this year's 2015 Team of Ascent For Alzheimer's. 

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