Wednesday, July 15, 2015

"Our Shared Circles Within Circles..."

That small stones' beginning was an historical one.
Countless years and endless elements, all so very slowly polishing it over the millenia. It was the smoothness, shape, and in particular its location within a tiny sheltered cove among those distant coastal islands, that was what had held my attention.
Discovering it way back then was a gift, as I found myself almost letting out a small gasp of appreciation when such beautiful ancient stones are first seen.
This little stones' story back then became the painted scenes that unfolded upon its' rocky face. I slowly 'mixed in' each and every element also gathered up on that secluded island. Particles of sand, of ash from my beach fire, a crumbled tiny piece of a leaf, and even a few drops of that special salt water. The mixed in and painted scenes hopefully expressed the spirit of that wild place, and then too the journey this little Summit Stone would now be taking...
It awaited a few more seasons, then was placed within a summit cairn. High upon an elusively challenging and wonderfully engaging mountain, which I had waited years to climb.
Now, this is where the story of this stone began to unfold even further.
The Finder from back then - R.T., sent me a message, telling of the smiles of that discovery.
Then he shared more as his Summit Stone had now been passed forward even farther.
It always humbles me beyond words to learn of the stories of Finder's Summit Stones...
For this small painted rock, some longer years later, within the twists & turns of serendipity and previously unknown trails, actually was returned to me once more.
R.T. had passed it forward to another adventurer. Then that person who was known to me, wanted to give it back. So within a full circle within a circle, this Summit Stone made a return journey to my hands yet once more.
I so cherish such experiences, learning of the trails a little Summit Stone has travelled, then finding out about the smiles, and maybe a bit of shared awareness.
Such good homes they do find with each of you my Friends.
But this story does not end. Not here. Certainly not now.
For while this stone was a touch weathered, its' coating somewhat scraped, and that initial date on the back a touch faded, I decided to mix in and paint yet other perspectives upon it.
Ones that blended with the stories that had already unfolded.
Then I initialed it a second time, with that silver ink as well.
We adventurers often muse about such journeys, where connections and experiences bring us full circle, as we return to where we began, and then sense even more out there and within, than ever first realized...
So, when then reflecting on the whole of this small Summit Stone's journey, and the smiles all around, I gently placed it yet once more out upon the island where it was firstly found.
Forever moments within a long and enduring full circle, never ending journeys it would seem, for I hope you yourself might now be the Finder, of this gift passed forward so many times..... DSD

Dedicated this adventure day to those wonderful Partners In Placing who journey so far and so very high, sharing in the smiles all along their paths & trails.

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