Thursday, July 09, 2015

"Of Our Mountains Beauty And Mystery..."

"Reinhold Messner, writes of looking up and seeing a peculiar cloud that revolved and hung over him with rainbow colors.
Now this gets at something important, the unusual or mystical, something beyond the face value of a scene.
The first thought is that such a rainbow filled cloud heralds bad weather. But there is something more mysterious in such a view of the sky and of that cloud.
It is told to us simply, if we see the colors and the movement.
Chris Bonington relates a similar experience that took place as he descended after his climb of Everest: 'I sat down every few paces, beyond thought, and just absorbed the mountains around me'.
These are the places where we climb...
Where we climb to the beauty and mystery, where we look upward into a rainbow cloud, where we sit and absorb the mountains...".  P. Ament

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