Sunday, July 05, 2015

"Within Our Nature..."

It is in our very nature to be adventurous...
Anonymous wrote: "People whose seek adventure are true poets of living..." and another Anon said, "Adventuring is a means to express one's inner self...".
A friend once made an observation - that these little musings of mine on adventures; didn't have much content in them about what might be considered the 'technical' side of adventure activities.
And I guess that is my intent.
There are a great many sources for such information, from the extensive websites and many guidebooks available that provide details on those aspects of adventure - and I am no expert in these either.
Yet there would still seem to be many levels and even more dimensions, to our adventurous journeys though.
So there is as much to muse about therein as to the 'Why' of our wild play as there is to the 'How'.
Like 'why' we ever tried these things in the first place, why we might have kept going, and what we reflect upon within our wanderings after so many years.
These are indeed musings of equal worth.
Have we also read between the lines of those many other adventure narratives composed from out there? There are too many to tally. Although I keep trying to read them all.
Those who write about their exceptional adventure experiences give us a sense of what is harder to put into words; about what may lay hidden from far out in the wild world.
Things like freedom, joy, challenges, fellowship, even accepted adversities. Then by having such intense experiences, this helps us to even further mold our motives, assists us in sharpening our enthusiasm, reveals to us how to meet our needs.
And isn't that truly a little part of what keeps us wanting to go back.
I have experienced this myself regardless of the activity being it climbing, hiking, kayaking, caving, canyoneering, whatever.....
A. Hobson wrote about the value of this kind of awareness, "The adventure attitude, particularly as used in the metaphors of the mountain or the sea...can be applied to our daily lives."
We are meant to explore, to seek out the unknown, to find ourselves by journeying beyond the self.
Adventure is a subtle but very powerful means to these ends.
We all have our own mountains to climb; our own summits to achieve.
How will you arrange these inherently natural elements in your life?
What will your next 'Adventure Summit' be?   
All of this is truly within our nature..... DSD

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