Tuesday, August 02, 2016

"Experiences Awaiting You..."

Whatever that wild place goal. 
However you define that adventure project out there. 
That 'summit' is quietly awaiting you.
It knows you are pondering its beauty and the many challenges too. It patiently and quietly calls to you in your thoughts, through your dreams, and among those images that resonate deeply inside of you. 
This elusive goal, that 'adventure summit' has become one of your callings. 
It is a call for new experiences, a call towards a long journey, a calling that will fulfill a longing...
Your 'summit' experience awaits patiently for you, as you expand your awareness of what is possible out there, as you begin your adventure plans and preparations, and especially as your enthusiasm and desires reach out towards it.
Some say as we become focused like this, we also develop a mystical connection between ourselves and the experiences we dream about. I also believe your 'summit experience' can sense your keenness; just as you do its' presence.
There is a karma, a sharing here, that is both powerful and predictive.
Your 'summit' quietly and excitedly awaits as you will always take something to that adventure, just as the experience will always share something with you to bring back home.
No matter how you define your adventure 'summits', no matter what choice that may be - be it mountain, ocean, canyon, northern lake, or other adventure experience.
It is most surely, yet quietly, awaiting you.....   DSD  

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