Wednesday, August 31, 2016

"If We Hadn't Journeyed..."

We wouldn't really be just here,
If we hadn't long journeyed way out there.
We would not have known this,
If we had not experienced all of that.
We could not share in these beautiful things,
If we hadn't adventured in such amazing ways.
We chose to walk over those testing coals,
Then to traverse these many trials and trails...
We wouldn't feel as intensely and so much,
If we did not ponder things so very far.
We would not grasp for those ephemeral heights,
If we didn't understand the contrast of those often dark depths.
The efforts and choices continue to be made right here,
Created by such wonders and gifts from way out there.
Adventures of contrasts and for seeking truths.
Adventures of paradoxes and enlightening perceptions.
Adventures of mysteries and musings await.
Adventures of wonders and cherished memories as well.
We would never have had them just here,
If we hadn't long journeyed so far way out there..... DSD 

Dedicated this adventure day to those hardy wanderers who "Adventure For Another Reason'.  

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