Tuesday, August 16, 2016

"To Intently Wander..."

Oh, to plan and ponder, then to also intently wander.
What will these seasons gently bring.
What gifts will be discovered way out there.
Who will we then meet upon our trails.
Whom will we honour with our efforts...
Oh, to plan and ponder, then when also far to wander.
Among the valleys and mountains of our dreams.
Along those coastlines reflecting of our visions.
Through the distant deserts and canyons too.
Such amazing adventurous embracing quests we will surely find...
Oh, to plan and ponder, then to stand in awe and wonder.
Upon an elusive summit up so very high.
Shared with you yet once again.
The dream now become so real.
Among ancient inspiring rock, snow, and ice...
Oh, to plan and ponder.
Forever moments for us to endlessly wander..... DSD  

Dedicated this adventure season to all those wonderful wanderers who are Adventuring For Another Reason... 


Laurie Normandeau said...

I love this one...may I share it?

Laurie Normandeau

Dsd Stones said...

Thank you Laurie!
You most certainly can share this.
Have those little Muses made their journey to you yet?