Saturday, August 06, 2016

"J.K.M. August 2015..."

I wanted to share again a Poem that Jonathan M., 'cobbled together' that reflects many of our shared experiences from out wandering in the wild places:
"Once again, I have failed..."
I have failed once again
to make the summer days last
I have fallen miserably short
of preserving the garden
in a freshly mowed, trimmed
and manicured condition.
That lush fragrance
of orderly satisfied green shades
lingers – suspended
in the evening air -
just so long.
I have failed to halt
the ripening saskatoons
on their whiskey branches
or to hold their exuberant flavor
in my startled mouth.
I was unable to enfold
my dearest family and friends
in an everlasting embrace.
I could no more accomplish this
than I could disguise myself
from their recognition.
I could not cling to the final
resonant reverberations of our music
before they faded into perfect
I was unable to linger
any longer on the rocky ridges
the mountain pinnacles
the shadowed valleys
nor the starlit meadows
dashed with meteoric streaks.
I could not tolerate
the stinging iciness
of cascading mountain streams
any longer.
I did not retain
the pair of gangly deer
with their unusual coloration
in my gaze long enough
to learn their names.
I have failed
to preserve
the diamond bright sparkle
in the eyes of my grandson.
Or to capture his dancing
joyful motion by some device
to be carried in the palm
of my hand.
I could not stare endlessly
into the dancing flames
of firelight.
Or linger forever
on the mysterious drama
played out in the
glowing embers.
I could not prevent his
from blowing
in the gentlest of Summer’s
sighing breeze.
Once again
I have utterly failed.
Failed to squeeze
to cajole
to in any way elicit
even one additional tick
from the relentless
unblinking clock.
I have failed to grasp
one solitary grain
of Summer’s Sands.
They have all trickled
through the gaps
in the fan
of my out splayed
imploring fingers.
Yet… . . . . . . .
I have examined a few
in their exquisite
minute detail
as they tumbled by.
JKM  August 2015
Thank you my Friend for sharing in the passing forward of so many smiles over these long wonderful seasons and years..... DSD 

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