Sunday, July 31, 2016

"Bowing And Respect..."

We were not sure what we were watching, but were certain it was important, when a fellow climber had stayed back some during our descent. 
Then when finally mostly alone, she quietly turned and slowly gave a simple bow in the direction of the mountain.
We needed no explanation at that point...
A mountain upon this Earth is an elemental entity like rivers, canyons, and oceans that as adventurers we learn to respect.
Adventures are experiences that may instill such reverence too for these elements, the challenges, and the wild places themselves out there.
Well known among our Eastern Family - the nature of the bow; when we incline our head or body; when we bend or kneel - is an acknowledgment and appreciation for something we find very important to us.
Something that is often perceived as greater than ourselves.
In bowing down before or to something in such salutation, we are saying much without words.
What seemed to be a simple action by our fellow climber has resonated with us now in a profound and powerful way.
Experiences are often ushered in or out with a bow; a moment of distinct pause; where we wish to express our respect and thanks together for what has been passed to us. Something I intend to practice more of each sunrise in my wanderings...  DSD 

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