Sunday, July 17, 2016

"Paddling Towards Those Rainbows..."

Far out upon the open ocean once more, out in my sea kayak with friends yet again, noticing the setting sun's light shining through the waves - discovering rainbows in the water then dripping from my paddle.
Long minutes become enduring memories, precious moments of time, then so very cherished, quiet reflections of these endless wonders, we are all so gifted to experience.
Quietly, gratefully also remembering, such rainbows too from forever flowing waterfalls, those colors as well amidst falling rain and rising mists, after powerful storms have quieted, and double rainbows that always carry such ancient meanings...
Then, when out upon the open ocean, once more drifting slowly with the currents, the blending of experiences and emotions all unfolding, simply pondering little rainbows off my paddle..... DSD 
Dedicated this adventure day to all our Friends who are starting their summer season of Adventuring For Another Reason . May the winds be at your back, the sun over your shoulder, the rainbows showing their smiles, and the whispers of those moments be forever heard...
My appreciation too for sharing your rainbow moments with us my Friends.

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