Saturday, July 23, 2016

"Of Wonder And Wandering..."

"Gratitude is happiness doubled by wonder...".    G.K. Chesterton

It's not that there wasn't an objective in mind for that mountain scramble day. 
It isn't that I hadn't chosen certain goals to attain up there, from gaining that height, traversing those ridges, and making my way through those very challenging rock bands. 
Yet I had also intentionally decided upon a more subtle focus, a quieter way of being, even in the midst of this fully committed climbing adventure. 
Thus, I also wanted it to be a day of wonder...
For such mindful journeys out there - of the body, mind, and spirit too, open us up to so many other levels of experiences, different epiphanies, surprising, remarkable, even strange and puzzling marvels.
It's not that the objectives weren't important, but it was a matter of putting the goals into perspective: Yes to perform but also to attend; certainly to push yet also to allow. 
Of course this all would require effort - but of another gentler kind as well...
I believe when we are aware of wandering in this way, we return to our beginnings, to the origins of why we do what we do out there, to those primal elemental sources that called to us in the very first place. 
It is not that we are ignoring our goals and expectations; rather we are adventuring a bit beyond them.
So, that day I must have gently reminded myself a hundred times (like with the simple returning to the mantra of a meditation): 'I wonder...', 'I wonder...', I said about what was coming next, over what I would really see, then feel, and eventually embrace and remember.
I long wondered what the next unfolding step would reveal. Then pondered what wonderous things would show themselves from within that beautiful alpenglow, and from above those engaging cliff bands. 
I long wondered, and longer wandered, very much beyond those initial objectives, and became further filled with so much more..... DSD 
My gratitude for sharing your wandering images my Friends.

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