Saturday, July 30, 2016

"Seeing, Sensing, Being..."

What we see in a mountain, is not just rock.
What we feel within a river, are not only the moving waters present.
That which we embrace of a coastal island, is not simply an isolated wild place.
Those depths we begin to realize about canyons, are not only about darkness and the unknowns.
That which we come to understand during hikes and treks, isn't reflective of just distances and times.
The messages given by a forested valley, are not only about the terrain.
How we journey among northern lakes, is not really about the travelling.
What we perceive within our mountains, is clearly not only about stone.
The truth of it is - that attaining our elusive summit, will not be the end of our ascent...
Adventure at first maybe seems to just be a word. 
Yet, then, becomes an experience of so very much more than ever first realized..... DSD  

Dedicated to all those who Adventure For Another Reason .

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