Saturday, November 24, 2012


Recently, Jeff Clark of the wonderful hiking adventure site Meanderthals commented on my post "The Metaphor Within 'Mixing In'..." , and said musingly, "D, "mixing in" is one of my favorite things about the summit stones. The mystery enables the mind to wander just as our feet do. With each little rub on a stone, there is wonder; wonder about that little tiny bump, wonder about its derivation, wonder about its history. I have found myself more than once sitting on a craggy summit, rolling a summit stone in my hand, and simply saying, "hmmm."
I am very grateful for Jeff's insights and intuition about this endeavour and the meanings within it. His comment about the 'mystery' in particular echo with the 'why' behind it all... For that is exactly what I always hope for, that 'Hmmm...' moment. Where it just might spark someone to ponder why someone does this kind of thing, why they might be inspired to pass a little rock forward so. Then maybe, just maybe, another fellow wanderer might then give back something in their own way, on a journey of their own making.
As I first learned on Outward Bound so many years ago, there is always 'more within' than we ever first realize.
Maybe, within such a 'Hmmm...' moment, a fellow adventurer will discover this...

My gratitude to Jeff for passing forward some smiles, and for both his image of his Summit Stones and the comment above.

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