Sunday, November 25, 2012

"In The Clip Of A Carabiner..."

There are certain sounds out there that so clearly resonate with each of us. Certain things we so enjoy to hear, some we especially listen for, others we then sense as well. Like as with the sound of a friends voice and the encouragement that is always subtly there. Many others are both unique and also very special - as with the wind itself, powerful thunder, the welcoming crackle of a campfire, the crunch of a snowshoe upon a new crust, the swish of a paddle, endless movement of waves, the creak of our pack, among countless other soundings among our wild adventures.
Many seem simple, yet can carry such profound meanings of challenges, close familiarity, and symbolism of potential and promise.
In the clip of a carabiner for example, I have heard, learned, been inspired, and remember now so much...
There has been the excitement and assurance of trust & expectations. The intense feelings of anticipation within such sensations just before a climb. Within the clip of a carabiner are both beginnings and endings, among smiles and loud voices calling out to each other in excitement and then completion.
Long after an Outward Bound Instructor first clipped me in before top roping on a first rock face, to now clipping myself and others into such wonderfully joined adventures, the memories continue to unfold... Journeys meaning so much, all reflected in a seemingly simple sound. A noise like no other for those of us who climb, kayak, or cave.
Even after these long decades, I do so love that very unique sound, of the clip of a carabiner. It inspires me still. It reminds me of what is waiting out there for all of us. That simply powerfully resonating sound within the clip of a carabiner..... DSD

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SP said...

Your words are beautiful, I am thankful for the things you write, for sharing your thoughts, wisdom and insight.