Monday, November 12, 2012

"What The Mountains See In You..."

On Outward Bound the exercises were always gentle challenges, far journeys within moments of experiences, with many levels of metaphors and meanings to be found.
One exercise experience we were invited to long ponder, and then write about in our journals as well, began as it often did, as a seemingly simple question...
We had finally descended after a challenging day up high, over such bare rock, among strong winds, darkening clouds, and the many unknowns novices perceive from out there.
Maybe it was our later discussion about those very unknowns that sparked this exercise. For all our Outward Bound Instructor then said, when later we were all resting, sorting gear, and recovering was, "I wonder, if you all see in one another, and if you each see in yourselves, what the mountain saw in every single one of you today...".
I have always very much loved, and been so drawn to, such engaging metaphors and mystery. To think that the mountain itself was paying as close attention to us, as we were to it, intrigued us greatly. To ponder that this very high wild place, that peak of stone, could be a sentient kind of thing, which was watching us very closely that adventure day was a wonderously inviting concept.
Yet, maybe, just maybe, that Outward Bound Leader knew more than what was only being said. Because I have come to believe and accept, that there is a subtle truth, more reality than we just see, to this engaging musing. The mountains do indeed often sense, they also seem to know, that we truly do have so very much more within us than we may ever have first expected.
So, my Dear Friends, in those moments, what might you think your next elusive summit will observe, and then surely draw forth from you as well, that you may initially not known by yourself..... DSD

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