Sunday, November 18, 2012

"The Metaphor Within 'Mixing In'....."

Thank you all very much my Friends, for this seasons comments and many email, about how you have enjoyed the Mystery & Magic of what has been subtly Mixed In upon each and every one of your Summit Stones. They truly then are touchstones, for as many of you have said, it has added a little character, a bit of mystery, even sparked a few musings, for all of what & why we each do what we do out among the wild places...
Such mystery becomes personal magic then as this has always been about passing forward smiles. Then if this endeavour, and the placing of these touchstones, invites a bit of awareness too, then it's all good.
I need to say as well, that it was my adventure experiences on Outward Bound courses where we first learned the subtle, yet potent metaphor reflecting, "There is more within than we ever first realize"... My naive style of art and especially the mixing in of so many elements, is a reflection of this powerful symbolic Outward Bound metaphor.
Such 'mixing in' is also an ancient style of artistry, much older than even Scholars Rocks .
Another kind of legacy that we each pass forward to one another, as well all make our way on the paths out there..... DSD


Jeff said...

D, "mixing in" is one of favorite things about the summit stones. The mystery enables the mind to wander just as our feet do. With each little rub on a stone, there is wonder; wonder about that little tiny bump, wonder about its derivation, wonder about its history. I have found myself more than once sitting on a craggy summit, rolling a summit stone in my hand, and simply saying, "hmmm."

Unknown said...

Thank you for sharing your musings here Jeff. The whole experience is also one of my very favorite things to pass forward. It is such an ancient yet wonderfully simple artistry.

T&M said...

We have passed forward your mystery and what is mixed in now D for years and have enjoyed every single summit stone and what it means to others. You should have seen the smiles. :)