Sunday, November 04, 2012


During countless adventure experiences have I mused about the nature of timelessness out within our wanderings...
Under many millions of stars have I then gazed up, dreamed about such journeys that we share in, and envisioned how we each then discover more within than ever first realized, thanks to Outward Bound.
Then this last season I reflected too upon...
Those hundreds of thousands of storms which have surely polished these kinds of stones which I seek for you my Friends, with that weather's powerful energy, and all those winds, snow, and rain.
About the tens of thousands of individual steps we take out there, where each and every one is a joy, while moving ourselves further among the wild places.
Also in how easily a thousand thoughts have been formed and focused up high, like the plans & preparation I make for an adventure such as on that day. Those ponderings within the excited enthusiasm and anticipations we all have, that take each of us so much further.
I reflect too over a hundred days and nights on other trips gone by, bringing me finally to be at this very high place on the map. About the many valleys and trails, hikes and climbs over the years, which can now be seen as actual directions eventually leading right there.
I muse as well on a dozen mountains here, embraced by such beautiful vistas, all where many climbs have taken place - such wonderous times upon those so special peaks.
Then to this, a single summit, upon this unique high point, now composing a few simple words, while having gathered up some small touchstones for you Dear Finders. Then as I descend with the sunset, a million stars will begin to shyly shine far away on the horizon once more. All enlightening this journey to here and now. These are the forever moments that unfold within our adventures Dear Friends.
Those truly endless memories that we so enjoy, smiling about them time & time again, and always then sharing them in our stories with one another..... DSD
Dedicated this adventure season to those who Adventure For Another Reason whom I think about every time out there.
My appreciation for sharing your timeless images as well my Friends.

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