Sunday, November 18, 2012

"Ours & Kolby's Adventurous Mapping Endeavours..."

Today I am thinking of Kolby who shared this wonderful quote with us all:
“Give me a map to look at, and I am content. Give me a map of country I know, and I am comforted: I live my travels over again, step by step, I recall the journeys I have made; half-forgotten incidents spring vividly to mind, and again I can suffer and rejoice at experiences which are once more made very real. Old maps are old friends, understood only by the man with whom they have travelled the miles. Nobody could read my maps as I do. Lend a book to a friend and he can enjoy it and miss nothing of its story: lend him a map, and he cannot even begin to read the tale it has to tell. For maps are personal things which books are not. The appeal of an old map is to the memory; an old map spread across my knees closes my eyes. The older, the more tattered it is, the greater my affection for it. I recall our adventures together in storm and sunshine; an occasion, perhaps, when it slipped from my pocket and I searched my tracks anxiously, as for a lost companion, until it was found; an occasion, perhaps, when the mist was thick and instinct and the map urged different ways, and I followed the map and came to a safe ground again. Ah yes, maps are grand companions.”
AW Wainwright
Now Kolby has before him an opportunity for a grand adventure and the really fun part of this is that we can support him on his way.
Please have a look my Friends, as we all do so love our maps. Understanding topography develops as integral for our skills out there, while cartography then becomes a part of our person while wandering. We journey so very far to survey and experience as much as we can. Kolby takes us with him when he goes too...
We travel on such varied terrain, initially unknown, then it becomes as well understood & familiar as the other elements themselves.The further we go, the longer we adventure among the wild places, the more we realize - the many, many, kinds of maps we both use and also compose and draw ourselves upon... Just like Kolby does in his artistry.
We realize that what is represented by these individual impressions are as important to our navigations as any other part of a map might be. These are the images of us exploring, the symbols of our new perceptions, the outlines from our actions, then the representations of our memories. Even when we find limitations, we know what to do; for as with that point on the edge of any map, we know to push further, as other territory is always a possibility...
These then become all our our very personal maps, that we ourselves have created.
As adventurers, we do so love our maps, the ancient ones, the new crisp ones, and especially the descriptive very important personal ones.
This is what is unfolding for our friend Kolby, so let's all support him in pointing the way..... DSD

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