Wednesday, October 30, 2013

"But, That In Particular..."

There are so very many gifts we are freely, and encouragingly given, from our wanderings out in the wild places. It seems they are truly, joyfully, endless, and enduring. For it feels like every time out, something unique, surprising, inspiring, and personal is provided for each of us.
Yet, in many quieter moments far out beyond, there is that one thing in particular that strikes as any lightning would, and with as much impact and importance too...
This has to do not only with 'what' we actually see, but 'how' we personally perceive our adventure experiences...
What we see upon a mountain is indeed amazing. Yet, how we begin to know and perceive those high places, slowly invites us to open our eyes even wider then - with that really big picture in mind.
What we see in the distance, out upon the open ocean, is quite significant. Yet, how we are able to learn to widely perceive these wonderous things has many farther meanings.
Then, what we view from atop our elusive but now attained summit, can be vistas of such beauty. Yet, the higher level vision we now have up there of so much more is clearly life changing.
At first, canyons appear quiet. Then we sense the stillness. We know they are old, but then we embrace their very elder selves. For what may be only initially glimpsed in those depths, now truly allows us to become a part of that ancient history.
At first, our travels and trails can seem to be about terrain, time, and distance. Then our deepening perceptions and opening awareness evolves into very different horizons. Beyond, into the width and breadth of what is now very much an endless journey of purposeful smiles, awe, and joy.
What wonderful, paradoxical gifts we are given, the farther we wander and see. Then the further that we discover more within than ever first realized. That, as Outward Bound always shares, is truly particular..... DSD

Dedicated to all the Outward Bound Leaders and their wonderful musings.

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