Sunday, October 06, 2013

"You Are Such A Stone..."

"The most beautiful stones...
Have been tossed by the wind,
And washed by the waves,
And polished to brilliance,
By life's strongest storms...".    Anon

Every so often, I am gifted with an inspiring comment here, or sent an engaging email from a Finder of one of these little touchstones. Recently, RL & LR, shared their story with me about finding their Summit Stone and some wonderful smiles along with it. They also asked me about the stone itself, what journey it had been on, and why I painted it the way I did.
Well, RL & LR, I do recall the Stone you now have in your hand. It was placed with that summit register two years ago by me in early August. It has endured many storms up there, high winds, and the passing of long seasons. But the is not where its' journey started - for it was gathered up on a very distant coastal island, then within the paints you feel upon it are 'mixed in' some very special elements.
I chose that stone, the Naive Art for it, and the mountain to pass it forward upon, because it is a very old piece of rock. Your mountain also reflects many meditative viewpoints about alpenglow among solitude within the vistas up there. That, and the fact that it is not visited very often...
It is very fitting that you both found this particular Summit Stone, especially with what you shared about your own trails and trials. For much like what is echoed out above by one of my favourite quotes about the 'Most Beautiful Stones', you each are such reflections of such a stone yourselves..... DSD   

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