Sunday, October 13, 2013

"When I Close My eyes, I Am Climbing That Mountain All Over Again....."

"No climber, active or inactive, young or old, can help but look back to one of their earlier climbs with a sense that they had touched something beautiful and elusive, and found movement upon rock and ice as creation... In these remembrances most climbers find necessary definition for the rest of their lives...".  J. Waterman

This quote echoed out so clearly to me the very first time I read it. It still resonates vividly time and time again. In those moments, often before sleep, or when I can't rest due to health concerns, then, when I close my eyes - I'm climbing that elusive mountain all over again...
It was a peak like no other for me. A truly, distinctly, challenging technical climb. This mountain has its' own history, and even the first adventurer's who initially climbed it, said others might doubt their completion of its ascent, such was its mystery, difficulty, and presence...
The rock is a wonder.
The height an amazing splendour.
The route is a puzzle.
The solution an emblazoned memory.
Vertical does not really describe it. For you meander and traverse endless cliffs and rock bands up there in so many delightful ways.
With early alpenglow it appears very imposing. Then, if you endure and move close enough to touch it, you are embraced, then welcomed by its' whispers...
The impact upon my perceptions still linger to this day, even though countless seasons have now slowly passed. As I learned on Outward Bound so very long ago, there is always more within to be found out there than ever first realized...
For now, when I close my eyes, I can envision every single forever moment, and even those longer precious hours. I still clearly see that unfolding adventure, from all of the anticipations, then finally to our humbled celebrations.
That mountain may not have changed much over the millenia, yet that summit and its' vivid memories have invited many changes within me.
Now, when I close my eyes, I'm climbing that beautiful mountain all over again.
What a wonderful gift that is..... DSD

My sincere appreciation to Barry Taylor of Hiking With Barry for sharing the image above with all of its' inherent meanings.

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