Friday, October 18, 2013

"Pole,Pole... Slowly, Slowly..."

Gazing back upon their pictures, reading again their hiking journal, here are the 2013 Ascent For Alzheimer's Team who dedicated themselves to 'Adventuring For Another Reason' with all their efforts and endurance.
As I ponder their wonderful journey, some musings echo out gently for them:

"Pole, pole... Slowly, slowly..."
Our eyes slowly open,
A thought soon discovered,
Such energy and inspiration, we now begin to feel...
We then start to sense,
Now that we are actually out there,
All of what is to eventually and wonderfully unfold...
Many hours of such planning,
Longer days for more preparation,
Endless possible moments excitedly yet to be...
Our adventure intentions are clear,
For such commitments we do make,
As elementally enduring as any other...
These dreams became distinct longings,
Longings transform into heard callings,
Such realities now they both are...
With open eyes looking upon horizons,
Through new ways of seeing and gazing,
Then from deep inside our very being we now know...
Finally these legs also begin slowly moving,
A climbing staff we find in our hands,
Then those depths within our minds wander as well,
For an endless spirit journey we are now clearly upon.....

Congratulations 2013 Team!

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