Wednesday, October 02, 2013

By Stewart Green

Stewart Green of Climbing recently commented on FB about his experiences with sharing the smiles while giving back and passing forward.
"DSD has been sending me padded envelopes from somewhere in remote Canada filled with colorful and magical Summit Stones for the past few years. I always carry one with me to the remote summits that I reach on lonely Colorado peaks and sun-raked desert towers. If you have the pleasure of finding one of the Summit Stones, I'm sure that its beauty and power as a talisman of the wild will stay with DSD's story about mixing in special elements to further the mystery and magic of these simple artistic stones..."
This is the Mixing In that Stewart refers to.
Thank you so very much for sharing in this little endeavour my Friend!

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Stewart Green said...

Stewart wrote:
Stewart wrote: "I not only love your summit stones and placing them on select summits I reach, tucking one into a crevice on a dead tree, between sandstone boulders on a desert spire, or, in the case of last week when I climbed the highest mountain on Fort Carson by Colorado Springs, tucked inside an old ammo can I found below the summit, but also the mixing of elements that you include in the veneer of paint. Indeed, ancient artistry that takes essential parts of the world and recreates and remakes them into special talismans of the wild. Thank you for your efforts and inspiration to bring these simple tokens of the beauty and mystery of the world into our humble human lives..."