Friday, March 07, 2014

"A Calling..."

It was such perfect timing, was this truly amazing calling...
A haunting, yet inviting summons it seemed.
The distant howl of a lone wolf calling out during my very early alpine start back then. One lone caller, giving voice to that adventure day and for another solo wanderer...
You could only make it out for some lingering moments. Yet that call gave meaning to many deep longings.
The language of that caller, was in my mind envisioned as an Elder Grey Wolf , and truly inspirational, potently significant, and very moving.
Such a beautiful cry speaks to so much - expression, symbolism, motivation, metaphor, and enduring meanings.
What is called to mind, then called into being, reflects upon reasons for why we do anything of what we do when we wander the wild places.
What is called forth within those intonations also speaks to our intentions for who we want to be on our wilderness journeys.
It was a calling that roused so many purposeful aspirations.
A voiceful memory never to be forgotten.
Then, when looking out upon that sea of summits, and those deep endless valleys, we each too will always find such song deep within ourselves..... DSD 

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