Sunday, March 09, 2014

"Loving Last Light....."


Each moment of any day out there, within all the elements we join with, certainly has its own special nature. There is something just a little extra special though, about the very last light of our adventure days...
Right within those waning minutes, just after a full sunset, amidst that brief time of golden hues and glimmer, simply before an evolving darkness - are moments of lingering last light which all of us so enjoy.
On different terrains this enlightening show plays out in many unique ways.
I remember, sitting in my sea kayak off a small coastal isle, as that long days last light set the ocean afire and the horizon ablaze as well.
There were those shadows very deep in a canyon that shifted and changed form. Then followed us too, when the last light chased our group along as we hadn't brought our headlamps.
Then in deeper forests of our northern woods and lakes, the calm of last light blended with the crackle of our fire, as time and schedules slowly lost their meanings.
Last light may be ephemeral, but the memories are not.
There is a uniqe softness to it. A stillness that is wonderfully settling as well.
Many think that this is the time in which spirits begin to wander. That makes sense to us adventurers because the moments slow even more and we become aware of so much else.
All becomes calm. Often the winged ones, any four legged ones, and we two legged beings slowly quiet ourselves down.
We gaze upon a lit mountain summit in awe and wonder, while pondering so deeply, before resting our tired sore selves, after a day out among the wild places, sensing that closure on our adventures.
There is a distinct specialness in the loving we all share for last light..... DSD 


Anonymous said...

So beautifully said kindred spirit. Thinking of you as always with the most positive thoughts. Pole... pole, easy does it.

Dsd Stones said...

One more surgery. Maybe one more to go. Some very long days. even longer nights after. Climbing mnay unknowns still. But taking every step. One breath, one pole, one assist, one more moment... Reminded again, yet again, why I have such respect and reverence for those who have already ascended such mountains...
The essence of their inspiration keeps my head up and keeps me taking that next step.