Saturday, March 08, 2014

"A Shift In Time..."


I remember, how the many aspects of time were not something I initially thought would be a part of my Outward Bound courses.
But it quietly became so...
We took the time needed to develop both trust and the adventure skills important for out there.
We allowed time to suggest what we would need to do in the next steps, and if we might achieve certain objectives in a 'clockwise' kind of way.
Our time pieces were given over too during certain hours and days, as we would discover they were only distractions to the moments we were truly hoping to experience.
The rising and setting sun, the tempo of our pace, the duration and unfolding of a hike, climb, or solo - all evolved in their own good time.
The transition from exercise to experience, from periods of activity to stillness and contemplation, were all occasions and eternities when measuring the passing minutes.
Being out there at times was like being in a time warp. A different kind of elemental chronometry, a Zeitgeist of adventuring, where the timekeeper becomes something else, so much more than ever expected.
I remember, what was most timely though, in those gentle present seconds, was a subtle shift in time, a transition of awareness, where our perceptions were quietly shaken up, so changed in form, as to never go back to their old positions.
In retrospect we didn't see this change of form developing immediately, but like all ancient elder things of synchronicity and serendipity, we would never want to back to our past views.
This was the potently subtle shift in time from our original thoughts and feelings of 'how long it is taking us', and 'when will we be done' - to 'we hoped for more time out there'.
What a shift in time that was.
What a powerfully, freeing, timely presence within our new perspectives we had all been gifted with..... DSD 

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