Sunday, March 02, 2014

"To Go On Forever..."

My relationship with mountain scree these long decades has been a mixed one.
Many times out on those seemingly endless slopes of loose rock have not always been my favourite experience up there, even on the best days. But, interestingly and tellingly, upon one particular mountain scramble last season, I found myself wanting it to go on forever...
We all know the adventure of flowing with the elements out there, don't we my friends. That kinship with the stone, the connections to the trail, the bonds even out among waves and deep waters. Notwithstanding their natural challenges, we also realize that there can be so much more within any trials themselves.
If we stay the course.
Then learn to eventually embrace, and then paradoxically even hope for, more of these worthwhile adventurous adversities.
Loose, shifting, endless scree was for me a very good example of an essential part for such an unfolding wild place experience. It can wear us out physically and wear down our intentions too. It never seems to end, and no matter our motives, those infinite slopes of difficulty seem continuous and eternal.
Still, when we blend instead of fight, when we step lightly and not with frustration, when we accept it all for exactly what it is, then even a rocky friendship of sorts can develop.
We are now more willing to keep a persistent pace. We begin to feel the rhythm and the tempo. We allow ourselves to slowly focus yet detach. Let go of time and any schedule. Then our breathing, heart rate, and motivation too, settle deeply into relaxed efforts.
So fulfilling all the uphill moments then become...
To know such a sense of connection and enjoyment, in the midst of what was before so very trying - is a wonderful adventure within itself.
Then we begin to look even farther forward, further upward, and feel the longing for such difficult yet worthwhile adventure experiences.
Now hoping they will go on forever..... DSD 

Dedicated to all those who keep on going while Adventuring For Another Reason. 


Anonymous said...

Truly well mused dear kindred spirit, totally onside with this. So appreciate your understanding, being able to open your heart, share your inner feelings, articulate and put into words those soul searching deeper thoughts. You continue to amaze and inspire.Thank you and yes do keep on moving forward, one step at a time, live only one today, the rainbows abound. Always good thoughts and much love. Sandy

Dsd Stones said...

My sincere appreciation once more for your thoughts as well kindred spirit. The depth and range of our experience does indeed echo out enduringly for those who choose to keep on wandering. One day, one night, one step, and all one thing at a time. Then we can pause anywhere along this path, slowly gaze up and around, and see what also is always there before us - the horizon, our family and friends, the next step, and that forever rainbow too...