Wednesday, March 26, 2014

"Adventuring The World Over..."


"A man does not climb a mountain without bringing some of it away with him and leaving something of himself upon it...". M. Conway

My friend Rick McCharles of Best Hike has been a wonderful Partner In Placing for many years now. It is a challenge to put into words the gratitude I have for sharing this journey with Rick and other such wonderful wanderers. It is also not encompassing enough to use only words to describe his amazing adventures. So for the first time on this blog journal, I have included more than one or two images to introduce a musing.
Above are a series of pictures taken by Rick as he has passed forward many smiles on even more incredible adventures.
Rick had said of these journeys and his sharing that:
January 2008 DSD Post , "You are exactly right about the purpose of besthike. And Rick McCharles.
My enthusiasm for hiking and for this site has not flagged ever. I plan to keep it going ... forever. There are always more trails to explore".

DSD Post "Something Of Ourselves".
Rick says of this little endeavour, "The philosopher blogger at Summit Stones collects special stones while out on the trail. Paints them. And then returns them to the wilderness accompanied by a tiny booklet of poems & prose inspired by the outdoors", and "I’ll be leaving a Summit Stone in a place of natural beauty today. A highlight of my hike".
He also posted thisand this , in support of all our efforts.
Visit Rick at Best Hike, see the amazing adventures he enjoys every year, then certainly stay to enjoy his in depth and engaging trip reports.
I so very much enjoy being able to share the trails with such fellow wild philosophers, and true wanderers, who adventure the world over.
Friends like Rick who pass forward smiles all along the way, within summit cairns, and even right into the hands of those out on their own journeys...
"It is written even still... that the giver should be thankful; only then is it a sharing... Somebody accepted you through your gift...". Osho
Thank you very much my Friends!   DSD 


Jeff said...

You have a fine compatriot in placing in Rick. He gets around all over the world. Some of the stones you have shared will be waiting in some of the most exotic places. I always enjoy reading about Rick's adventures, as I do yours D.

Unknown said...

Thank you so much Jeff!
Your sharing in this journey has also made the whole experience extra wonderful as well.