Saturday, March 01, 2014

"We'll Find It There..."

It all seems so far away at times.
The unknown and doubts a bit pressing too.
Yet if we endure and keep our pace.
Truly, we'll surely find it then...

We're usually so very tired out there.
Out of breath and quite sore as well.
Often trembling within our legs and arms.
When long trekking, climbing, and pushing on...

Still, when we go so much farther.
Then we sense it will be right there.
Even as our hearts keep pounding.
And our summits seem to be distant shadows...

These are our truths proven time again.
The surprising evidence simply cannot be ignored.
For finding it always we eventually do.
As we endure and journey even further on...

Exactly when it is discovered we may not know.
But in those moments its meanings are really clear.
Amidst the forever trials of our endless wanderings.
We now are on trails that have become our path...

For right then we have affirmed why we have gone.
Amidst those moments we know why we are there.
Having truly uncovered again so much more within.
We wonderfully smile right then and keep carrying on..... DSD

For all the smiles and echoes from Paradox Sports .

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